Our Favorite Home Bar Brands

It’s the middle of February, and we could really use something to get through our cabin fever! And there’s nothing like a casual cocktail party with close friends to do just that 🙂 While we’ve done a few posts in the past highlighting some of our favorite mixed drinks (like this one and this one), weContinue reading Our Favorite Home Bar Brands

The Perfect Lounge Shirt

Hey guys! I have to tell you about this awesome new top I found at Nordstrom for only $19! I have a very active toddler, so I love to be able to run errands in something comfortable, yet appropriate. I typically wear leggings while I’m out and about, but struggle to find shirts that are longContinue reading The Perfect Lounge Shirt

Our New Year’s Eve Party

Hey everybody! We’re getting back into the swing of things over here at Shades of Green and even though we still feel like we’re recovering from the holidays, we had the best time at our (3rd annual) New Year’s Eve party! Temperatures were sub-zero and there was snow on the ground, but people still cameContinue reading Our New Year’s Eve Party

My Latest Parenting Trick

Attention all parents! I’ve come across something recently that helps put my son to sleep. So, of course, I had to share with you… Now, I should start off by saying, my (almost) 3-month-old son is not a bad sleeper. But every mom and dad has those nights or those moments that seem to be extraContinue reading My Latest Parenting Trick