My Latest Parenting Trick

Attention all parents! I’ve come across something recently that helps put my son to sleep. So, of course, I had to share with you… Now, I should start off by saying, my (almost) 3-month-old son is not a bad sleeper. But every mom and dad has those nights or those moments that seem to be extraContinue reading My Latest Parenting Trick

Our Favorite Wines List

In anticipation of the weekend, we’re turning our minds to one of everyone’s favorite subjects: WINE! Whether you’re pouring a glass at home, entertaining friends, or bringing a host/hostess gift to a party, we all have our go-to brands. So we thought we’d clue you in on some of our favorite bottles in case you were looking toContinue reading Our Favorite Wines List

BeautyCounter Product Review

If there’s one thing we love, it’s trying new products…specifically makeup and skincare! So when we were offered the chance to try the BeautyCounter product line, we jumped at the opportunity! We had heard of BeautyCounter but didn’t know much about it so we started to do some research and were pleasantly surprised. What stood outContinue reading BeautyCounter Product Review