Crossbody Converting

So it probably took me a little too long to figure this tip out, but once I did, it was so helpful and I had to share it with you. First of all, I love bags! I have for a long time and have collected quite a few over the years. And even though totesContinue reading Crossbody Converting

The Best Dress Ever

Ok, “best dress ever” might be a little exaggerated, but hear me out… I purchased this maxi dress from Marshalls over the 4th of July weekend out of necessity (as in, I didn’t have any clothes with me) and it has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s not flashy or fancy, but I’ve foundContinue reading The Best Dress Ever

Fall Fashion Shopping List

We understand that, for many people, it’s still pretty hot outside. But if you’ve hit up the mall recently, then you may have noticed that, for the retail world, fall is in full swing! Autumn seasonal floor sets generally hit stores starting in July and by early September, they will be fully transformed. This isContinue reading Fall Fashion Shopping List