DIY Bridal Bouquet

I totally understand that the thought of making your own bridal bouquet can seem scary and overwhelming! I really really wanted real flowers for our wedding back in 2011, but I didn’t love the price tag that comes with them. We went back and forth about how much we wanted to spend on flowers andContinue reading DIY Bridal Bouquet

Party Hat Tutorial

For our 2016 New Year’s party, we really wanted to go all out! Decorations were gathered, menus were put together, and then we decided we wanted to provide some party hats for our guests. The problem? We couldn’t find any that we loved and needed quite a few. So we thought it’d be fun toContinue reading Party Hat Tutorial

Celebrating 30

It’s a milestone! A whole new decade! And I plunged headfirst into it this past spring. I wasn’t really sure how to celebrate and actually felt a lot of pressure to do something big. Luckily my family, being awesome like they are, already had a plan in mind… For all of our birthdays, my familyContinue reading Celebrating 30