Baby It’s Cold Out-Cider Recipe

Nothing says ‘happy holidays’ like this yummy, warm cider. My mom has been
making it at Christmas time for as long as I can remember and now it has become a
staple at our house during this season. It’s so easy to make and everyone will be
asking you for the recipe!


The Goods:

-Crock Pot

-Apple Cider

-Cranberry Juice

-Red Hot Cinnamon Candies



How To:

Fill up your crockpot halfway with cider and halfway with cranberry juice.


Dump in a handful of cinnamon hard candies (they’ll dissolve).


Once it’s nice and steamy, you’re done! It’s that easy!


*If you like more of a cider flavor, simply use less cranberry juice. I personally like
the tangy flavor the cranberry juice adds, but it’s all about preference!

**Add a few splashes of caramel vodka to sweeten it up or a bit of bourbon for an extra kick!


Happy Holidays!

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27 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Out-Cider Recipe

  1. I’m obsessed with hot cider, and I love the additions you threw in to really give it a special, festive taste. Looks like a recipe I need to try!

  2. Wow! This looks so simple and delicious. A crock pot is a fantastic idea for warm drinks to keep them at the right temperature during a party. Thanks for the recipe!

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