The Top Three Pairs of Sunglasses to Own

Now that it’s spring, gray skies are finally clearing out! And not only am I thankful to feel a little warmth but I actually get more chances to bust out my sunglasses. And although it’s tempting to collect a pile of these accessories over time, I really think you only “need” these three different pairs:


A Cool Pair

The ultimate cool sunglasses (in my opinion) are aviators. They look great with casual or athleisure clothing but can add a little cool factor to any outfit. I love a mirrored pair, but buyer beware…the reflection on these will show off your selfie-taking 😀 A new style of aviator Ray Ban’s  is available at Nordstrom for $165 or this pair from B.P. is only $12.




A Fun Pair

I like it when an accessory can express your personality. There are so many different frame shapes and lens colors available, you can really go crazy! And maybe a pair like these aren’t an “every day” accessory, but they can definitely be an outfit-maker. Plus they’re especially cute on the beach! This pair of rose cat-eye sunglasses from Altar’d State are only $19.95 and 60’s style frames from Free People run $20.




And, of course, a Classic Pair

The only “essential” pair of sunglasses have a classic shape and are in a neutral color (I’d always recommend black). I was nervous about spending much money on sunglasses for a long time, but this is the style I decided to splurge on and I don’t regret it. I love the Chanel pair I have pictured below and wear them all the time. I also always make sure they stay protected in their case. If you gonna spend the money on one style, go with a classic. My exact Chanel frames are available online here or you could go with this Tory Burch style from Sunglass Hut.




Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.40.15 PM.png




22 thoughts on “The Top Three Pairs of Sunglasses to Own

  1. I love sunglasses — next to earrings, my favorite accessory. You have some fun pairs here! I have a pair of heart shaped sunglasses like the ones pictured here and love them.

  2. Aviators are definitely a classic ….They go with everything and you cant go wrong with the BP sunnies ….so many styles for such a great price! I actually just bought a pair!

  3. I was drawn to this post because I’m going on holiday in two weeks and need to find a pair of sunglasses before then! I don’t think many suit me at all so it’s taking much longer than anticipated, thanks for the post! x

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