A Quick and Easy Style for Short Hair

As someone who has always had short to medium length hair, I’ve struggled to find cute updos that work with my hair length…until now. I recently gave this hairstyle a try and it’s sooo easy and cute! So now I’d like to share it with all of my fellow shorties out there.


What you’ll need:

2 small, elastic hair ties

2-3 bobby pins

(Please ignore my sunburned back…these were taken after a long day laying in the Florida sun ☺)


Start with wavy or curly hair that’s a few days old.


Leave some hair out on both sides and pull the remainder into a ponytail (I also like to leave out a little bang on both sides).


Pull that ponytail through itself.


Take the pieces you left on the sides and pull into a smaller ponytail on top of the first one. Fluff up the top of your hair for a little volume.


Pull that ponytail through itself, just like the first one.

Once both ponytails are in place, pull the strands of the top ponytail through the center of the lower ponytail, so all the strands are in the same place.


Finally, tuck the combined ponytails under your lower ponytail and secure with a couple of bobby pins. It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect…it’s supposed to look a little imperfect and messy.

Once you’ve secured it, use a little hairspray and you’re all done!


It takes me about 5-7 minutes to do this hairstyle and I love that it can be dressed up or worn with a casual outfit…just my style!


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 6.46.13 PM.png


40 thoughts on “A Quick and Easy Style for Short Hair

  1. oooh!!! i so needed to know this trick. You make it look easy though, i will try this tonight. This will come handy for the summer and wedding season 🙂

  2. That is SO pretty! I have a few layers but they are longer so I’m going to try this soon. Love how versatile it is! Pretty for going out or taking the kids to the store!

    1. Give it a try! It only takes a few minutes so if for some reason you don’t love it, you haven’t wasted much time!

  3. I’m totally going to try this!! It’s getting hotter here so I don’t do my hair as much because it just gets frizzy and gross. This will be a good change to my typical ‘mom bun’

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