My Favorite Hairspray (and why)

I love trying out hair products and am always experimenting to see what works best for me. And after almost 20 years of messing with my mane, I’ve figured out a few tricks and found some great products along the way. One of my favorite things is being able to use one item for multiple styles and functions! And I’ve found that Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play volumizing hairspray does just that. It’s more expensive than most drugstore hairsprays ($18.95). But at 10 oz, it lasts for a very long time and is well worth the cost since it has so many uses. I love that, even though it has great hold, it can still be light enough to use for loose curls when sprayed liberally at a distance.


It also gives great lift and texture to straightened hair while keeping moveability.


And allows for beachy, piece-y waves that have just the right amount of volume.


However, hairspray is often synonymous with “hold”. And when sprayed at close range, this product holds up 😉 When putting my hair in braids, it allows for a flexible hold during braiding and firmer hold for when you’re ready to set the style.


I even used it for a night out at the Omnia Nightclub in Vegas and it held my hair in place all evening!


The product description of the hairspray says that it is fast-drying and adds volume while still leaving hair manageable. Another benefit that’s mentioned? It defends your tresses against UV rays! If you want to try Big Sexy Hair Spray out for yourself, buy the travel size here for only $7!

P.S. All of the hairstyles in the pictures above were achieved using only this highly recommended product. I was not paid for this post, I just love this hairspray 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.40.15 PM.png

13 thoughts on “My Favorite Hairspray (and why)

  1. I love this hairspray! It is the only one i will use because I know it works. It is a little more expensive but that is ok, because it holds and it smells good, hah.

  2. Whoa you’ve definitely convinced me to pick this stuff up. Your hair is gorgeous! I never thought to change the distance I sprayed at to change the amount of hold.

  3. I know people love this spray but I’ve never tried it myself. Now I need to! Especially it can get my red hair to look as good as yours ;-). Also…I need your braiding skills!

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