Yoga Pose for a Good Cause

Hello, everyone! I am doing a yoga photo challenge right now, which I haven’t done since January 2015 (when I first started getting into regular practice). But for the next several days, I thought it was worth doing again to help raise awareness for a great cause! Check out the @trinifoundation – a group that teaches yoga to individuals suffering from addiction. September is National Recovery Month and they are holding their biggest fundraiser of the year. To help support their efforts, I’m posting a new yoga pose on my personal Instagram every day for 10 days (@lowebb12). But today, I’m sharing a video of the Kapotasana pose here on the blog.

The name of this pose means “pigeon pose” and the keys to this posture are creating space in the front body, quad strength, and of course, a crap-ton of patience. Here are a few tips:
1. It’s about reaching UP, not back (thanks, Peg Mulqueen)! Lifting the chest and spreading the shoulders gives your body the space it needs to properly support the pose.
2. The strength you need in your quads is much more than you might think! If you can’t stay grounded in your knees, you won’t be successful.
3. Finally, if you rush into this pose, you will FOR SURE injure yourself. The proper way to enter Kapo is the way that is shown in the video. It takes each person their own time to learn the full expression depending on body makeup and time in practice. It’s also important to learn from a teacher if that’s a possibility for you!

Learn more about the Trini Foundation and what they do here! The Instagram profile for Taylor Hunt, the founder of the organzation, can be found at this link.


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  1. What a great fundraiser this must have been! After reading and watching your video, I think you would be an awesome instructor. You explained it and demonstrated it so well. We actually had one of our athletes do this during one of their slow routines in our performances. It is a beautiful pose.

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