Arhaus Wants to Help You Be More Eco-Friendly

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We are so excited to talk about a cool initiative from Arhaus. The home furnishings brand has teamed up with American Forests and for every purchase that is made during their sale, Arhaus will plant a tree. And in the spirit of their #Arhausourworld partnership, they have been sharing tips on how to live more “green” and recently reached out to ask us about how we keep our homes more environmentally friendly. Of course, we were more than happy to share one of our easiest tips! I love to utilize natural light in my house by letting the sun shine in. I open the curtains and blinds in my home in the morning, afternoon, and early evening and let the daylight brighten up my space while keeping the lights shut off. Not only does this save energy AND money, but our home looks extra inviting bathed in natural sunlight! For more on what Arhaus is doing, check out the statement and graphic provided by them below for more info and tips.

Arhaus is a furniture company that has vowed to use sustainable materials for their products. Their dining tables are made using reclaimed wood, which helps to protect endangered rain forests. To encourage sustainable behavior every day, they’ve created a graphic that highlights different ways you can make your own home more eco-friendly. And for every purchase made during their in-store sale, Arhaus will plant a tree in partnership American Forests. From biodiversity to climate change, clean water to air quality, forests are at the forefront of many environmental struggles that the world goes through every day. American Forests is a foundation that strives to save the forests and make a more sustainable life for all. There are so many ways that you can help make the planet more eco-friendly, and many efforts often start in your own home. Check out the infographic below for more details!

NYC Goes Green_onepurchase_onetree

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  1. I love your infographic! I’m in the middle of switching lightbulbs out, and plan on installing low-flow when we remodel the bathroom. I really love Arhaus’ idea of using reclaimed and sustainable materials, we need to start being a lot kinder to our planet. Thanks for sharing!

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