My Thoughts on Four Different Baby Bag Styles

In my daughter’s short 2.5 years of life, I’ve gone through 4 diaper bags! Not because they’ve torn up or worn out, but because I’ve been so picky and just couldn’t ever find one that worked exactly how I wanted it to. So, with that said, I’ll go through the ones I’ve tried and give you the good, the bad, and the ugly and then you can decide for yourself!

(PS – these are listed in the order in which I used them…not in order in preference. Spoiler alert…the last one is my favorite!)

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When my daughter was born, I started with the Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Duffle Diaper Bag (in green) because it’s affordable and because my husband didn’t want to carry anything too girly. I really liked this diaper bag because of all the organized pockets and storage. I especially liked the insulated side pocket because it was big enough to hold a small ice pack and several breastmilk bags (I used the Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Set). This bag is pretty large and I found it difficult to carry on one shoulder while carrying a baby and/or an infant carrier at the same time. I think this bag is great for when you have a newborn because you have to carry SO MUCH STUFF those first few months. But I would say this is probably not the best bag if you do a lot of traveling, simply because of its size…which brings me to my next bag…


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The Eddie Bauer Backpack. Since I was already familiar with Eddie Bauer, I thought I’d give the backpack a try. When we booked our first flight with my then 6 month old, I knew I didn’t want to fly with the previously mentioned duffle diaper bag. I liked the backpack because of just that, I could carry it on my back and my arms were free to do whatever else I needed to do! This bag also has a ton of pockets and can hold a lot of stuff. Like the duffle, the backpack has an insulated side pocket for breastmilk bags or bottles.  I don’t have many complaints about this bag, except that it started to tear near the zipper after about a year of using it. So…you guessed it…I decided to try a new one.



Since my daughter was getting older, I decided to try a nicer bag so I went with the Marc Jacobs Biker’ Nylon Baby Bag. I already owned this bag and had been using it as a work bag for several years but thought I’d use it as it was originally intended. My daughter was almost two at this point so I wanted something a little simpler. There are quite a few pockets in and outside of this bag and it has a removable shoulder strap. The inside is nice and deep so it can hold a lot, but that also meant her stuff would fall straight to the bottom, into the abyss. I didn’t love the partial zipper because it’s a little hard to zip, which meant I was lazy and just left it open…and then all of my stuff would fall out if it tipped over. So while it wasn’t my favorite diaper bag, I continue to use it as a work bag and let me tell you, it’s still in great shape, after 3.5 years!



And finally, my last and current diaper bag…The Honest Company City Backpack. I asked for this backpack for Christmas and I’m so glad I did! This has been my favorite bag so far, especially with a toddler in tow. I was afraid it would be too big that it’s sleek so it balances out. This bag, just like the Eddie Bauer bags, has an insulated pocket along with two bottle pockets on the inside. The faux leather is really soft and the shoulder straps are adjustable. I just wish I would have saved myself some time (and money) and had this bag from the beginning.

I know there are a TON of diaper bags out there and I wish I could have tried them all before I had a baby! I hope this helps, even just a little bit, as you’re going through the endless options of diaper bags!

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