My Latest Parenting Trick

Attention all parents!

I’ve come across something recently that helps put my son to sleep. So, of course, I had to share with you…

Now, I should start off by saying, my (almost) 3-month-old son is not a bad sleeper. But every mom and dad has those nights or those moments that seem to be extra difficult when it comes to getting our little ones to snooze. Recently, I was having one of those moments when my son woke up extra early in the morning (3 AM) and didn’t seem to be interested in going back to sleep. His combination nightlight and sound machine wasn’t working. So in a moment of tired desperation, I hopped on Youtube to see if I could find something would provide a little white noise and prayed it would help him out and we could both go back to sleep.  I came across this video that mentioned the words “colicky” and “magic” so I thought, this has to be worth a try.

My son has never been colicky, but I thought I’d give it a shot anyway and lucky for me, it worked!! A few minutes after I started playing the noise from this video off my phone, my son relaxed and was in slumberland. Since then, I have used it several times when he has needed that extra push to go to sleep and it seems to work every time! I know all babies are different and playing this will not work for some, but if you have a fussy babe and have tried a million other sleeping “tricks”, maybe see if this will work. It can’t hurt, right? I figured even if this video helps just one tired parent get some extra shut-eye, then it was definitely worth the share. So to all those parents putting precious little ones to sleep tonight, good luck to you and here’s hoping that from now on, you and your babe are able to sleep in heavenly peace. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “My Latest Parenting Trick

  1. I’m glad you could share something that worked for you for your son to sleep. Many parents have trouble. I’ve found that soothing sounds help too!

  2. Shared this with my daughter who has a 3 month old. He sleeps pretty well at night (not as much so during the day) but on occasion has trouble going back to sleep so maybe it will help him too.

  3. Oooh, I’ll have to check this out! My baby is 10 days old and the only way she’ll sleep sometimes is if I’m holding her. We’ve figured out some great cosleeping due to this haha!

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