What I’d Recommend to a New Mom

When you’re preparing to be a first-time mom, it seems like you could spend endless hours researching the stuff you “have to have” for baby. For me, I really appreciated the personal accounts of what actual moms used as opposed to lists concocted from big box stores or brands. So I decided to share a few things that have been very helpful to me during these first few weeks. If you’re expecting a little bundle soon, check it out and let me know what you think!


The Lalabu Soothe Shirt (pictured in the featured image) – There are lots of baby carriers out there, but I think this one is really cool. It’s perfect if your baby likes to be soothed by being close to you, but there are still things you have to get done. I ordered the black color in size small.

Swaddle blankets – I take these everywhere! Many infants love to be swaddled, but I also just feel good having them on hand in case it gets chilly wherever we’re hanging out. I like the patterns they come in and the fact that they aren’t too thick and the material is pretty durable. I also didn’t think I would need four, but it’s nice to have them stashed in different places just in case.

Anything from Belly Bandit – Here is something that is just for you! There are so many awesome post-baby products that this brand has for new moms. Two that I’d recommend are the classic Belly Wrap and the C-Section Undies. The Belly Wrap is awesome to wear post-partum to help shrink and support your tummy. I’ve been wearing it for two weeks and really think it makes a difference. I didn’t end up having a C-Section (a story for another time :)) but this can be used either way for compression and support and I can imagine would be amazing if you did have the procedure done. The best part? Many of these products are now covered by some insurance plans!

Chicco NaturalFit bottles – If you find yourself having to supplement with either pumped milk or formula (along with breastfeeding) these are great bottles to use. Some of the key features that I like include slow flow, natural shape, anti-colic design, and the fact that they’re clinically tested.

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack – This has been essential for drying and even temporarily storing many of the bottles, pumping and feeding accessories that we’ve been using with our son. It’s incredibly functional and even sorta cute sitting out on our counter.

Boppy Lounger – My son loves this! And although I love holding him, my arms do need a break every once in awhile. Plus, the little elephant pattern that I got is very cute and gender neutral.

BabyConnect app – This will cost you a couple bucks, but I’d pay a LOT more for it! Both my husband and I have this app on our phones and we can log everything from feedings to diapers. They even have a timer you can use for when you’re breastfeeding!

Help from your mom – But seriously, having help from parents, family, and friends during the first few weeks of parenthood is a gift beyond anything you could register for. All of these people want to be a part of your child’s life so if they offer their support, accept it!


Hope this was helpful! And if you’re a mom I’d love to hear what products YOU can’t live without. Let me know in the comments below 🙂



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11 thoughts on “What I’d Recommend to a New Mom

  1. I think the only one I can agree with is the Boppy, but my baby hated being swaddled, so I often recommend getting wearable blankets or sleep sacks too just in case. We just used pen and paper to track our feedings and diaper changes, found it easier as we could keep it next to the changing table. I do wish I knew about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt was around though when my baby was tiny! I always find these lists interesting as it varies from parent to parent all the time!

  2. We loved our rocknplay! We used it as a bassinets and nap zone when they were really little! Congrats on your new addition!

  3. I LOVE phone apps! I use one for my son and it is amazing! It counts bottles & mL measurements, diapers, sleeps, baths, medications, temperature. EVERYTHING! I would have been so lost without it in the early, early days! My son hated being swaddled in the traditional way, but LOVED the ‘Love to Dream’ swaddles. 100% recommend those as well!

  4. Wow these ar eitems I never thought I needed. Granted, I am just started my baby journey so I am pretty much clueless. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. My husband and I are a few years away from actively trying to have a baby–who knows though, one might surprise us!–but I’m definitely thinking more and more about becoming a mom in the future lately. I’ll keep these tips in mind!

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