Where I Found My Science-Themed Nursery Decorations

Like most moms-to-be, once I found out I was having a son, I started imagining the nursery I would someday bring him home to. As I started planning his room, I found that there are entire room sets you can buy from places like Pottery Barn or Buy Buy Baby, as well as lots of beautiful images put together by professional to gawk over for inspiration. However, I wanted something a little unique for my son. After a little discussion, my husband and I landed on incorporating a science theme into our little boy’s room. It was tough to find anything from traditional big box stores, so I began to search the internet. And what I discovered is that if you have a non-traditional nursery theme, Etsy is the place to shop! We found several adorable decor options for very affordable prices. Check what we ended up ordering below…


Nerdy Science Art Prints

These adorable prints are perfect for any nursery or kid’s room! I also love that a few of them spell out messages like “Be Nice” and “Think” using the periodic table.


Periodic Table Blocks

Our boy is a little young to play with these so, for now, they used as decorations. But I can see using these in the future to not only help him with the elements but also stacking and colors!


Carl Sagan Quote

I love this quote from the renowned astronomer and want to constantly remind my son to keep his mind open to the incredible things this world has for him to discover.


Science is Awesome Print

This print is not only adorable, but the colors looked great in the room. Oh, and science IS awesome!


Etsy is a great place to shop for a lot of different things, but I’ve never used it more than for this nursery project. There are so many awesome and creative sellers on the site and purchasing art or crafts like this go to support these small business owners and artists, which, what could be better than that?? Have you had success shopping on Etsy? Share your favorite finds in the comments below 🙂

18 thoughts on “Where I Found My Science-Themed Nursery Decorations

  1. Hello!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints above the crib! I wonder if Pintrest has free printables in this theme? I always look on there for free printables every time I am decorating.
    I like this theme a lot because it isn’t cheesy and overdone. Great idea!

    1. I totally agree. There are a lot of overdone themes. You’ll have to let me know if you find anything on Pinterest!

  2. It’s very cute, I love the nerdy signs the most being a nerd (according to my kids) too. It’s nice that you did your own thing and I hope it rubs off on your new addition.

  3. Your nursery is so cute! I especially love the prints and the words that the chemistry symbols combine to be! I bet you had fun doing this. I hope you enjoy sitting many hours in this room.

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