Our New Year’s Eve Party

Hey everybody!

We’re getting back into the swing of things over here at Shades of Green and even though we still feel like we’re recovering from the holidays, we had the best time at our (3rd annual) New Year’s Eve party! Temperatures were sub-zero and there was snow on the ground, but people still came out to have a good time. Check out a few pictures from the party along with a couple of other details below.


It was quarter ’til 9 and we. were. ready! We welcomed 25 guests who stayed until after 1 AM.


We have had an open bar at every NYE party we’ve thrown and it’s always a big draw 😀 Guests really do appreciate it and we try to keep a variety of choices. Plus, many people brought a bottle of their favorite even though we said they didn’t need to! Of course, if your guests are drinking, make sure they have a DD or plan on getting picked up by a service like Uber or Lyft (or have an extra couch available 😉 ).


Lo suggested we give these “drunken strawberries” a try this year. We will HAVE to give you all the recipe at some point! 3 words: Moscato, vodka, and sugar…


The setup in the living room was where most of the decorating efforts went. We also kept the Christmas tree up (sans ornaments) for a little extra lighting.


Downstairs in the basement, the ping pong table was ready for both beer pong and flip cup. House rules were displayed on the wall.


Per the usual, Janelle and Lo dressed in black (with adorable cut-outs!) and Lys chose a dress with color/pattern. We’re always crunched for time to get ready, but manage to get ourselves together thanks to getting dolled up in stages – shower early then prep your hair and face, finish makeup and hair an hour or so before start time and then slip into your outfit at the last minute!


That’s it! Hope 2018 has been good to you so far and we’ll be back with more posts soon!

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  1. That sounds like an amazing party. Yes recipe for drunken strawberries would be awesome. I love the design of your website by the way – beautiful x

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