The Best Red Lipstick

I wouldn’t classify myself as a total beauty junkie, but I have always loved makeup! I’ve been using it since I was 11 and have enjoyed trying new products, techniques, and switching up my look for the past 20 years. And to me, few looks are more classic (or perfect for the 4th of July) thanContinue reading The Best Red Lipstick

Natural Lip Look

A little while back, I reviewed the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in a previous post (check that out here). But if you have yet to try it, or would prefer a less intense look, then no problem! I have another kissable combo for you that is perfect for everyday wear. Plus, it’s easy and inexpensive. TheContinue reading Natural Lip Look

Beauty Blender Review

The Beauty Blender has been called “revolutionary” by beauty addicts and makeup artists everywhere. I eyed this tool during a trip to Sephora about a month ago and decided that I couldn’t wait any longer to give it a try. When I opened the package to start using it, I noticed that “how-to” instructions wereContinue reading Beauty Blender Review

Back to Red

In early spring of this year, I decided that my run as a blonde was going to need a temporary break. I’m a natural strawberry blonde (although my hair in the picture above had been highlighted), but I wanted to try and achieve more of a true red color. I headed to the hair salonContinue reading Back to Red

Hot Weather Hair Help

I have thinner hair that has the tendency to look greasy after what feels like 10 minutes. I don’t wash my hair every day (because who has time for that?!), so day two often presents some challenges for my hair – especially in hot, humid weather! Luckily, I found this adorable accessory from Nordstrom. ThisContinue reading Hot Weather Hair Help