Cranberry Compote Recipe

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!! And we could not be more excited since the holiday involves two of our favorite things: family and food. For our big Thanksgiving meal, we like to include things we enjoy (like homemade mac and cheese and chocolate souffles) but we also try to keep some traditional dishes asContinue reading Cranberry Compote Recipe

Vanilla Almond Granola Recipe

I absolutely love granola.  For breakfast, lunch, or a snack, it’s always my go-to! What I DON’T love is the high amount of sugar in store-bought granola. I researched other homemade granola recipes online, but I only found weird ingredients and laborious, lengthy processes. Since I’m not huge into baking, I just decided to keepContinue reading Vanilla Almond Granola Recipe

Sangria Punch Recipe

This is the BEST and easiest sangria punch you will ever have! Just a warning, it’s sneakily strong! Shout out to my aunt for sharing this recipe with me. The Goods: 1 cup White Rum 6 oz Triple Sec 12 oz Peach Schnapps 1 liter Carlos Rossi Sangria 8 oz Cranberry Juice 1.5 cup OrangeContinue reading Sangria Punch Recipe