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About a month ago, I attended a 3-day work conference in Las Vegas (!!).  The conference was held at Red Rock Resort and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. Between the food, the weather, and amenities around the area, there was plenty to love.

But, of course, I had to have the right essentials with me to make the most of my trip. Below are the items that I don’t go without when traveling for work.


A killer ensemble

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 2.30.24 PM.png

Having the right business attire gives me that extra boost of confidence when meeting new people for work. My Ralph Lauren button up is one of my go-to blouses when I’m going for a polished look. Also, a tailored skirt (at the appropriate length of course!) that pairs well with any blazer is a staple in any corporate woman’s wardrobe. The jacket and skirt don’t have to come as a set, they just have to match exactly.

The right briefcase


Having the right amount of room for big items like my laptop, charger, and planner as well as the small stuff like my phone, pens, and business cards is crucial. Having quick access to everything is one thing, but the bag also needs to hold its shape and look sharp. I prefer classic black leather, however, leather can get heavy! So I went with a nylon tote with leather trim. Also, you can’t go wrong with anything from Tumi.

Snacks that keep me going

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To keep my energy up, I always pack some snack bars, fruit, or a handful of nuts in a Ziploc. That way, I never worry about the food provided and not getting enough to eat. Having the right snacks can be a lifesaver for a person with specific dietary needs or limitations. Personally, I love LARABARs, bananas, and pistachios!

Workout gear


Whether you run, lift weights, or practice yoga, exercising on the go has its challenges. But it can also make for a new adventure! I always like checking out the fitness space at the hotel and yoga studios around the area. This time, I went to TruFusion Blue Diamond (check their website out here!) since they have an Ashtanga program. For any trip, I make sure to bring my travel mat, towels, leggings, fitted top, and sports bra. Whatever you do, make sure you bring the right gear. It will keep you sane, I promise!

Traveling for work can be stressful sometimes, but with the right essentials in my suitcase, I’m confident, comfortable, and relaxed for my trip. More importantly, I’m able to focus on the reason for my trip without having to sweat the smaller details. What essentials do you need when you travel??

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18 thoughts on “Traveling for Work Essentials

  1. I agree – that outfit is killer. And you look so great in it which is probably due to the fact that you also have (and probably wear in a gym) the workout outfit. 😉

  2. I’ve not gone yet on a work trip but the thought is so exciting! I’ve never considered packing specifically for it which is probably one of my issues (I’m terrible, I’m such a last minute packer!) so this is really helpful for me!

  3. Workout clothes are a great idea as business trips can get really stressful. It’s good to be prepared for a way to balance that out.

  4. AWESOME, Lo! Such great advice! By the way, you look so sophisticated in your business suit!! I love it.

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